About John

I’m on a mission to Awaken Audiences, people all around the world, to awaken to their power to create positive change on our planet.
If you are a Changemaker, Thought Leader, a Go Giver who’s already doing great work, have a strong, growing following of fans, and are running profitable events, retreats or trainings, then I know I can add massive value to your business.

I’m only looking to support and partner with human-beings who are on an inspiring mission, and I know for sure that I can help you achieve all of it, with more ease and grace.  I work best to support you to grow from hundreds of thousands to millions, or from millions to multi millions per year.

As mentor and facilitator, I help aspiring entrepreneurs grow their business. I’ve run half a dozen 30 day business incubators in Bali, assisting groups of a dozen and more entrepreneurs achieve truly global, sustainable enterprises that are now impacting our planet in an even more positive way.

I’ve been the driving force for people like Roger Hamilton, Christopher M Duncan, Green Supercamp, Tyler Tolman, Joanne Fedler and many more and run countless 6 and 7 figure online marketing campaigns and events over the past 10 years.

As an entrepreneur and adventurer living in Bali, I live what I teach, being an example of Health, Wealth and Humanity, my core values for positive change.


In 2011 I made the decision to relocate to Bali, and over the years I’ve been able to set myself up as a truly global enterprise, essentially removing myself from “The Matrix”. I’ve since worked with and positively impacted more entrepreneurs to make the change, and create a lifestyle that is ultimately FREE.

I get to contribute to great causes and people on a purposeful mission, get to spend quality time with my family and get to play with some really inspiring people, whilst living in a beautiful remote village up the east coast of Bali.

My spiritual growth has been accelerated since getting here, and the energy, vibration and teachers who have been guided to me have truly influenced this evolutionary journey I’m on, and most of all I’m looking forward to where this is leading and what magic lies ahead. Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride!

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The thing about operating as a global enterprise, is that you attract very interesting people who mostly have already made a decision to a different lifestyle, one that is filled with elxtraordinary experiences. They think differently, take responsibility in a different way and are usually on some kind of spiritual journey and have big focus and commitment to their own personal evolution.

Our team consists of marketing, creative, developers, CRM, copywriting, telephone sales, partnership management and more… and we’re constantly expanding our capabilities.

If this sounds like the kind of team you’d love to have supporting you, as they do me, then do reach out and let’s see if there is a fit.

Awaken Your Audience

Consciously | Spiritually | Entrepreneurly

2017, awarded the prestigious ‘Connection Award’ by B1G1 Chairman & Founder, Paul Dunn & Masami Sato, for helping grow the giving business community to over 1000 businesses.


Your tribe, your people, the ones who are opening to a different way of BE-ing, a different motivation for working, a purposeful, integrated evolution of our spiritual and commercial human experience.


Attracting your audience who have a listening for your message. Inviting these leaders on a journey of awakening to the possibility of making a bigger difference, contributing to and creating a better world, a sustainable, regenerative and inspiring place for us to live and leave for our future generations.