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Hi, it’s John here.

I Help People Grow Their Business Fast.. Connecting you with the people you truly want to work with and serve, keeping you in flow doing what you LOVE.

At 17 years of age, I had created a computer sales company from out of my bedroom.

At 19 I had dropped out of Electrical Engineering to dedicate my time to growing my computer business. I later completed my engineering diploma part time, however have never used it.

At 22, I developed the first CD-ROM in South Africa called “Apartheid, And The History Of the Struggle For Freedom in South Africa” that I released in 1992 on the eve of the release of Nelson Mandela.

At 24 I sold my company to a multimedia development company IMSA and continued working, as a shareholder, with them developing dozens of titles.

At 26 (1996) I was presenting HTML classes showing business owners how to build websites. The future of business marketing and sales.

At 28 we sold IMSA to Kagiso Publishers and a year later we bought it back for 1/10th of what they had purchased it from us for.

At 30 I got together with some of the best multimedia minds in the country and we created Digital Junction, and by the end of that year we had offices in Cape Town and London, and a year later, I migrated to Australia and opened our Perth branch.

At 34 we sold the first $200,000, and 5% in shares in our company and continued to sell well over $1,000,000 in shares over the next few years, during which we re-branded to Platform Interactive.

In 2005 I went to Melbourne and opened our National Sales office.

In 2006 I was approached to represent the XL Foundation in Perth and started running small events for top entrepreneurs and built the biggest professional network within just 12 months, worldwide.

In 2008 Platform Interactive purchased our closest competitor, IBC and grew our business to over $5 Million in revenue, housing over 50 team members in Australia.

My events company, Results Platform Foundation then took on our primary speaker, Roger James Hamilton nationally, and continued to represent him for almost a decade, running events with consistently 1000 plus participants, year after year in Australia.

In 2009 I resigned from the board of Platform Interactive and divested my interests. That same year I started a conference and shared office complex called MyHQ, My Headquarters to run our events and host and support small to medium businesses.

2007 saw me personally invest in and purchased a 12 unit property development. By the end of 2009 I had lost the property development, almost all my personal assets and the serviced office during the GFC.

My Results Platform Foundation, events marketing business helped pull me out, and I went on to host Sir Richard Branson, Patch Adams, Dr John Demartini that year, and many more since.

2010 was the year I relocated to Bali, where I’ve had the amazing opportunity to adopt my daughter, Allegra.

Since being in Bali, I’ve helped grow the occupation rate of a resort from almost 0 to close to 90%. I’ve facilitated over a dozen 30 day business incubator programs and mentored over 200 business owners to redesign their business and become global, highly leverageable freedom businesses, and make a greater positive impact to our world.

Living in Ubud led me on a spiritual journey and I discovered a new way of Be-ing. It’s helped me redefine my brand, structure and purpose, and has accelerated me to new heights.

I am known as someone who comes up with great ideas, gets it done, and gets results, fast. I have created a number of unique and highly effective marketing and sales methodologies called The Giving Model, and I get to teach entrepreneurs how they can grow their businesses and attract their audiences by simply using The Giving Model philosophies.

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